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Trusted Quality Tea


Five Roses® have been producing superb blended teas for nearly 100 years. Distinctive teas that have given pleasure to generations of tea drinkers. During this time only five tea masters have been appointed as custodians of this unique Ceylon profile blend. Tea masters guarantee that Five Roses® uses some of the finest Ceylon teas and the best leaves from selected tea estates around the world. 


Enjoyment of tea is a way of life!


Tea is a rich source of anti-oxidants, reducing the degenerative effect of lifestyle diseases and a drink that has been endorsed by the Heart Foundation of South Africa. 


There are many different styles of tea. Ceylon, produced in Sri Lanka, delicate Chinese brews, as well as Green teas. The Five Roses® teas from Sri Lanka are grown at high altitudes in the misty hill regions producing a rich golden brew. This is used a great deal in blends, as it is a style of tea that holds up well on its own, one that refreshes and sustains us through the day.


Each country has created rituals, traditions and tea ceremonies; morning tea, afternoon tea and high tea. China with its love of green tea, Japan with their intricate tea ceremonies and India with a love of aromatic, highly scented brews and England where tea has established itself as the national beverage.



English Breakfast TeaPrince of Wales



Breakfast Tea demands a strong full bodied brew, one that greets the day and takes us through to lunch, when Earl Grey, that delicate favourite served black, is an excellent choice. On to mid-afternoon when Prince of Wales, a splendid tea, produces a lush, wonderfully full brew, perfectly refreshing and stimulating.







To make the Perfect Cup of Tea!


Keep it clean!
Keep cups, saucers, jugs, spoons, teapots spotlessly clean. Teapots should be rinsed in fresh running water after use and stored without the lid. Soap and detergents should never be used on cups or teapots, except to remove stains, then make sure that everything is well rinsed. 


Must be freshly drawn and oxygenated. Previously boiled water should not be used.


The water should be used as soon as it comes to a rolling boil for approximately 10 seconds. Water, which boils continuously, as is the case with urns, becomes de-aerated and flat.


Preheat the tea pot and tea cups
Pour boiling water over the tea leaves or teabags. Use one to two per serving depending on your preference. When using a teapot add one more teabag for the pot. 


For Full Strength tea allow 5 minutes, Medium - 3 minutes and Mild - 2 minutes. Sweeten with sugar or honey and add milk if you wish.


Best Quality, Fresh Tea
Good quality tea is clean and pleasantly astringent without any bitterness. It is bright and appealing in the cup.


Storing Tea
Tea should be kept in glass jars with metal lids or dry airtight containers, out of direct sunlight. Tea absorbs moisture from the air and any odours that are present.  So avoid storing it in the vicinity of soaps, detergents, curry powder and other strong smelling items.





Conveniently Five Roses® is packed in unique foil pouches to ensure that this quality tea remains completely fresh for as long as possible. Once opened, store in an airtight container at room temperature, away from light, odours and moisture. 



Tea in all its glorious guises…

Apple Teacuppaccino rooibosCherry Tea


Five Roses® Absolutely Apple and Cherry Burst are refreshing and should be served very simply without milk, rather with slices of lemon, slices of crisp apple to dip, a sprig of fresh mint and a leaf or two of verbena. Currently the most fashionable of teas is aromatic cuppaccino.



2-3 Five Roses® Prince of Wales or Earl Grey teabags 
400 ml boiling water
1 cinnamon stick
1 clove
1 little twist of orange peel (pith removed)
a drop or two vanilla extract or essence or best 1/2 vanilla pod
sugar, to taste
250 ml milk 2% or full-cream
(Makes tea for two!)


Heat the teapot. Pour freshly boiled water over the bags add cinnamon, clove and orange peel. Allow to draw. Heat milk with vanilla and aerate, when thick and frothy, pour tea into heated cups and spoon over the froth. Dust with cinnamon.




3 cups black grapes, halved and de-seeded2 cups water
3 Five Roses® Absolutely Apple teabags
1 cup sugar
2 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1 twist of orange peel


Boil water, add teabags, sugar, cloves, cinnamon stick and twist of orange peel. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. Remove teabags. Re-heat on the stove until boiling and add grapes, boil for 2 minutes only. Remove from heat and cool.

To serve, half fill 4 martini glasses with grapes and strained aromatic tea syrup.  Add a generous scoop of Pineapple Ice Cream. 


1 pineapple, peeled and sliced
1 tbsp freshly grated ginger 
1 vanilla pod, slit and reserve seeds 
250 ml cream

Sprinkle over 2 tbsp sugar, vanilla seeds and ginger, reserving a few and bake pineapple covered at 180ºC until softened. Remove and purée. Strain, pressing the pineapple pulp through the sieve, using a spoon, until it is all through. Whisk cream and 2 tbsp sugar together with an extra dash of vanilla seeds. Fold pineapple into thickened cream and place in a covered stainless steel or plastic container and freeze for 4-5 hours.




Chicken Recipe4 chicken breast fillets, sliced on the slant
1 Five Roses® Earl Grey teabag in 250 ml boiling water (Steeped for 5 minutes), cooled to room temperature
200 ml fresh orange juice
4 tbsp olive oil
½ tsp grated ginger
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
½ tsp mustard powder
sea salt, to taste
milled black pepper, to taste
4 tbsp grapeseed oil or vegetable oil
1 tbsp butter
(Serves 4)




Allow chicken breasts to come to room temperature. Whisk Earl Grey, orange juice, olive oil, grated ginger, garlic and mustard powder together. Marinade chicken breasts for an hour or two. Remove. 


Heat grapeseed oil and butter in a teflon coated pan, or heavy based frying pan. Sauté chicken sliced lightly 2-3 minutes. Remove, place on potato cakes and keep warm. Add marinade to pan, bring to the boil to reduce and immediately pour over and around chicken. Serve with buttered glazed carrots and mangetout.   


Potato Cakes:
4 piping hot potatoes, mashed together with 12 chives, finely chopped.
sea salt, to taste
4 tbsp olive oil


Form potatoes into a cake, season and lightly fry until crisp. 


Five Roses® Trusted Quality Tea
National Brands Limited
Private Bag 116, Rivonia, 2128
South Africa.

Customer Service Line 0860 100219 (local call rates)


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  • Lorraine Pearce
    10 September, 2009, 10:56

    I have used 5 roses tea exclusively all my married life (36 years) and note a change for the worse, as lately your 5 roses (original) tea has had a different taste.
    Have you changed anything except the packaging?
    Has anyone else complained?


  • Carol Moss
    4 October, 2009, 13:57

    Good Morning!

    Approximately 2 weeks ago I had to lay in stocks of my favourite Five Roses Tea bags. Imagine my absolute horror when I opened the new box and discovered that the middle sachet looked like it had been chewed by alien creatures?!!? It really looked disgusting.

    I returned the obnoxious item to Pick ‘n Pay, Northridge, Bloemfontein, where I had made several other purchases at the same time. The ‘returns’ lady, too, was quite horrified.

    “But this is FIVE ROSES”, she said! “Obviously a factory fault!”

    I was given a box in exchange - thankfully - because “NOBODY MAKES BETTER TEA THAN ME AND FIVE ROSES”!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a nice day,

  • Janet Barnard
    7 October, 2009, 18:21

    I am a 16 year old Design Student in the Western Cape - Ive designed a Dress for THE Cape Quater Fashion Parade and my Theme is Five Roses - The dress is supposed to be designed out of the Boxes or similar material - Can you possibly refer to Old packaing material or even POS with the logo on it - I think your product will have even more exposure in this Fashion show and a lot of Catering and Restaurant owners will attend this. Your help will be highly appreciated


  • Bernard
    22 January, 2010, 0:16

    Are your products kosher certified?


  • sophia
    6 February, 2010, 13:06

    Me and a friend would like to host a tea party…not for charity or profit making just south african ladies getting together, we are all in australia and i was wondering if its ok to use the five rose on our invites since we would like to have a five roses tea party and also it you have any product that we can order as small gift for the ladies….


  • Ginger
    22 February, 2010, 19:32

    im grade 12 at CAPE ACADEMY in south africa and we had to do a research on one of South Africa`s proudly products and so i choose Five Roses,because for me its one of the best proudly south african products

  • Bev
    3 April, 2010, 22:21

    I too have been using 5 Roses for ever, I only use the loose tea and have found the taste has definitely changed (and not for the better) and that the loose tea is now just like the tea bags, all dust!! I always thought that 5 Roses was proudly South African but have since learnt otherwise. I am going to look out for the Midi (purely South African) loose tea as I have to find an alternative to your loose tea/dust.

  • Chania
    14 April, 2010, 14:32

    Dear Bev

    Distressing to hear this we have passed on your comment direct to Five Roses immediately. Thank you for that.

    Chania Morritt-Smith

  • Chania
    27 April, 2010, 11:09

    Good Day Bev

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to email us with regard to your unsatisfactory experience with one of our products.
    Please accept our sincere apologies for your experience not meeting with the expectation you have come to expect from A Five Roses product.
    We are firmly committed to ensuring excellent customer satisfaction and are able to do this with the valuable feedback we receive from our consumers.
    May we ask you to please forward your daytime contact numbers for us to make contact with you. We would like to be able to discuss your concerns and get more detail from you to forward on to our factory.
    We believe that nothing is more important than customers satisfaction and your input will assist us to achieve the high standards to which we aspire.

    Pippin Kling
    Call Centre Manager
    0860 100 219

  • Angelique
    10 May, 2010, 16:19

    I am really struggling to find granadilla tea in Pretoria? Are 5 Roses still making the flavour? Please, if anyone can help, i would really be very grateful! Thank you!

  • Abdul Hamid
    7 June, 2010, 2:31

    I have lived in the city of Toronto, Canada for many years and have always purchased my Five Roses Tagless Teabags whenever I visit the country of my birth. I would greatly appreciate it if you could supply me with the full name and address of the manufacturer so that I can import regular supplies of our favourite tea directly from the source in South Africa

    Your cooperation and attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.


    Abdul Hamid

  • jan schoeman
    7 June, 2010, 20:09

    i collect all types of baked enamel signs and aquired a few “five roses” signs, and would like some background information on these
    Regards Jan

  • Lilian Morton
    23 June, 2010, 13:31

    For the last 15-20 years I have bought Five Roses, and just last week when I opened a new box, a token fell out to inform me that I have just won R250. To be honest I never even noticed that you were running a competion!!! The steps to follow to withdraw the money from an ATM was as easy as 123.
    Thank you very much for all at Five Roses

  • Marinda Burchell
    9 July, 2010, 13:58

    I have not bought any other tea but Five Roses for the last 41 years. My disappointment is accute at discovering that Five Roses Tagless Tea has bcome weaker and less aromatic. I have black and bitter tea and expect my tea to be of a high quality. Sadly, Five Roses no longer deserve that accolade.

  • Marietjie
    15 July, 2010, 20:15

    Marinda - you are not alone - me and my mom bought Five Roses Tagless Tea last week like always but what a dissapointment - the bag did not even colour the warm water…I also believe they do not longer deserve that accolade.

    Telephone number 0832301146

  • Chania
    16 July, 2010, 11:34

    Dear Pippin

    We are getting a number of comments as you can see which are far from happy. I would suggest you bring these to the attention of your management and I am sure they will take it seriously.

    There was a time when Five Roses was the icon of teas in SA and of superlative quality, what is happening?

    Kindest regards
    Annette Kesler

  • Jacoline
    26 July, 2010, 16:33

    Good day, where can I find Five Roses Prince of Whales tea to buy? It was in our shops, but now there is nothing to buy? Please help, it is our family’s favourite tea.

  • 6 August, 2010, 9:19


    I always used to buy your vanilla flavoured tea but for the past year or so i have not seen it on the shelves. I have looked everywhere. Did you take it off the market? Is there any way that i can get hold of your vanilla tea again? Please send me a email. Thanks.

  • filly norman
    7 August, 2010, 10:02

    I recentlty had a visitor “english” person, as i dont really drink tea, i am a coffee drinker, i
    made Five roses tea for my friend, i noticed a frown from friend , did’t know why, well the tea i made was not english tea the tea bag was a rooibos tea bag! I had to laugh because
    my friend was too embarrassed to say that she dont like rooibos tea.
    How does something like that happen?

  • Chania
    12 August, 2010, 8:31

    “Five Roses Vanilla Tea has been discontinued,” says Belinda of Five Roses.

  • sylvia
    31 August, 2010, 10:29

    Hi, Where can I find the five roses tea bags in sachets and not single tea bags, I’m looking for as many flavours as possiable but in single sachets. thanks

  • Lorraine Booth
    5 September, 2010, 19:28

    Hi I have noticed a weakening in the strength and aroma of the last few boxes of five roses that i have purchased, my daughter also seems to think there is a change.

  • Sue
    7 September, 2010, 15:19

    hi, I love five roses decaf tea, but can’t find it in the shops. I live in Randburg. Any ideas?

  • Meera Mban
    10 September, 2010, 11:03


    Does your Five Roses Chai Tea contain caffeine?

  • Stefan
    13 September, 2010, 21:38

    Do not know who to contact but it does not seem that Five Roses has listened, I tried five bags in a pot tonight for two cups of tea and there is no taste. Someone is lying to someone. I actually want to throw up from the taste, it is bitter and has a real bad aftertaste. Told the family to go and buy something else and throw away the 75 teabags left out of a new box bought last week. Date: 13/09/2010 Cape Town SA

  • Stefan
    13 September, 2010, 21:52

    No contact details for complaints in SA? The tea is now worse. Tried getting a taste after 4 tea bags in one cup and cooking it, no taste whatsoever? What is really going on in SA. Are you willing to throw away your good name. Date : 13/09/2010 Told the family to throw away the rubbish and by something else. About 10 bags tried out of a box of 100. Surely you must know if you received bad quality tea?

  • ashley
    11 October, 2010, 9:13

    I wrote to you a while ago (snail mail) complaining about the quality and inconsistency of your tea. You choose not to reply and hence ignore my letter. I am happy to announce the we have found an alternative tea product and have stopped buying Five Roses. We have already recommended the new tea to friends and family who have also change their brand.

  • Priya
    14 October, 2010, 12:48

    Where can I find your Five roses Decaf tea? We haven’t been able to find it in the stores recently.

  • Chania
    15 October, 2010, 11:43

    Dear Showcook
    We have made contact with the Consumer. Many thanks.
    Five Roses Customer Care

  • Lenore
    20 October, 2010, 15:20

    I have been looking for Five Roses decaffienated tea for about 3 months, used to get, now nowhere available, is it discontinued, if not where can I find some.

  • Brenda
    21 November, 2010, 11:13

    Please where can i buy you stunning 5 roses Iced tea product, i live on it last year but cant find it now. Please assist. Thanks

  • Nasema Parker
    22 November, 2010, 13:31

    please can you tell me who do i need to speak to if we are looking for samples for goodie/gift bags with promotional items. We are specifically interested in your heakth range - green tea/mint green tea etc .

  • Rick Paul
    26 December, 2010, 8:47

    We have always used Five Roses Tagless Tea in our household.
    We have noticed with dismay lately, that the tea is red and weak, even after brewing it for a full five or six minutes.
    It almost seems as if it has not been fermented properly. If that is the process terminology.
    This has occurred with numerous boxes from 4 different supermarkets.

  • Carla
    26 December, 2010, 19:47

    Hi there.
    I have been looking for decaffeinated five roses but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Do you still make it and if so, any ideas where in Cape Town I could find some?
    Many thanks

  • kia
    30 December, 2010, 6:12

    Hello, I wanted to know if it’s possible to please purchase 5 Roses Tea from you? I’ve looked around and it’s not easy to buy. I am currently in the USA for a few months and wish to buy this tea. I appreciate any assistance you may be able to give.
    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

    kia k.

  • Janet Ferreira
    28 January, 2011, 10:25

    Good Day
    I recently bought 2 packs of Five Roses Tea (my favourite) from either Spar or Pick n Pay on the Bluff in Durban, but am extremely disappointed to find that I have had to throw a lot away because the bags are broken. WIth the last pack that I opened, I even split the bags one by one in case I was doing something wrong, but again I have the same problem - that the bags have broken and I have to throw quite a couple away.
    Unfortunately this happened in two packets of 100 tea bags.
    Your comments will be appreciated.

  • Bernice Potter
    31 January, 2011, 17:02

    As many other customers have asked, I also want to know what the deal is with Five Roses Decaf Tea. It’s nowhere to be found. Was it discontinued, or is it simply a case of distributors not ordering it? I don’t see any feedback to the questions regarding the fact that it can’t be found. Please advise.

  • Carly
    4 February, 2011, 15:04

    Im desperate to find decaf teabags… heard a rumour that they have been discontinued? I really love five roses and due to medical reasons i need to avoid caffiene, which means that my only life line to tea is the decaf range. Please help!!

    11 February, 2011, 15:11

    I have been looking for Five Roses Decaf tea for months - Why not available?

  • Roni Engelbrecht
    13 February, 2011, 12:40

    Good day
    I have been a tea drinker all my life - I am almost 60 years old.
    I found a DELICIOUS flavoured tea in your brand ORANGE, which I have been drinking for as long about 10 years (or longer) I love it.
    I live in Plettenberg Bay where wwe have only 4 (four) retail outlets who stock five roses tea and NONE of then have had stock of this flavour for almost 6 months now.
    Can you please tell me what the problem is - I now have withdrawal symtoms.

  • yolande Appollis
    14 February, 2011, 9:22

    we’rve been avid tea drinkers for years and especially Five Roses. We’rve been drinking five roses as a family - married for 20 years last year. The normal five roses as well as Earl Grey and camomile. Much to our dissapointment we noticed a change in the normal Five Roses round about December 2010. We thought that we might be experiencing problems with Bioling water and thoroughy cleaned our kettle. Then we purchased a new box thinking maybe we just got a bad batch. i regret to inform you that we got the same bad taste. We continued buying the product but had to revert to Joko which appeals to us much more now.
    the quality of your product has definitly taken a dive and we regret that after drinking Five Roses for 20 years we now had to change to another product.
    Please explain why there’s been a change in product and could it be rectified.
    Mrs Appollis

  • Loreen
    17 February, 2011, 14:59

    I too have been looking for decaf tea so just to let all the decaf tea drinkers know, I found some decaf tea in Woolworths today. Woolworths brand of course but I’m sure it tastes exactly the same as Five Roses. It has the same ingredients.

  • Agi
    22 February, 2011, 11:00

    I also want decaf tea disparately. If you can tell me when to expect it back on shelves will much appreciate.

  • Susanna Trappa
    27 February, 2011, 12:49

    I come back from Cape Town and would like to know where I can buy your tea in Switzerland.
    I stay in Hlosi Game Lodges in Port Elizabeth and drank your tea, I remember only the colour of this tea and I think that will be English Breakfast, Prince of Wales or Earl Grey. A Cape Town I didn’t find this quality, only Rooibos Select.
    Can you help me?
    For you answer a thank you very much.
    (sorry, but me English is not very good,so I hope that you understand my request)
    If you know German, Italian or French your answered please in one of this.
    Best regards
    Susanna Trappa

    8 March, 2011, 14:41

    I was informed by a very nice lady from AVI brands, who distribute Five Roses, that there was a shortage of the Decaf tea. Apparently their distribution centre has received stock, so if you haven’t seen it where you used to, just ask the store manager to place an order for you. Also, there is stock in Kenilworth Centre Pick ‘n Pay, according to the Hello Peter website.

  • Frankie Smith
    18 March, 2011, 13:50

    I have not been able to find my favourite tea for some months now, Five Roses Grapefruit. I can still get 5 Roses Orange. You have no idea the delighted look that comes over a persons face when they tase a cup of orange tea. I am really missing my Grapefruit tea.

  • Briana van Zyl
    29 March, 2011, 11:52

    I am disappointed, have been running all over the show searching for one of my favourite teas with Five Roses, Grapefruit and Lavender. Cannot find it? Is it still in the market? Where can I find it please?
    Kind regards

  • Lurine
    2 April, 2011, 21:16

    Was so angry with Pick-a-Pay stores, as I visited several branches in my search for decaf tea and could not find any - which lead me to this page, only to find out I shouldn’t have given the isle assitants such a hard time! Oops!

  • michele graham
    5 April, 2011, 9:03

    Good day i am having a slight problem with my last box of tea bags. I only use five roses and have for years but this last box (200) has a definate taste of rooibos . Unfortunatly i have a five roses tin for my tea bags so i know longer have the box for a reference code. Do you have any idea how this could be.
    Kind Regards
    083 3354648

  • Roland Mahabeer
    6 April, 2011, 14:55

    Good day All…

    I bought an Earl Gray packet of tea bags and it doesn’t have that full body taste that it usually has…

    If anyone has the website address or email address of the people from Five roses, could you please pass it to me at the email address provided: mahabeerr@durban.gov.za

    Thanks Guys

  • Boipelo
    1 June, 2011, 18:12

    Hi, I would like to know if five roses tea has caffeine?

  • Pouplin
    13 June, 2011, 9:55

    Je suis française et ai goûté le thé 5 roses au cours d’un voyage en Afrique du Sud l’an dernier. J’en ai ramené quelques sachets dans mes bagages mais aujourd’hui, je n’en ai plus. Je suis allée sur le site mais l’exportation ne se fait que vers les USA. Est-il possible malgré tout d’en commander ? si oui comment ? Merci

  • Mike
    24 June, 2011, 11:12

    where can i purchse orange flavoured five roses tea in Cape Town

  • Pat V
    6 July, 2011, 22:52

    I have a passion for berry flavoured teas, and usually get stock of Twinings brands when travelling in the UK or via friends who visit there. Therefore I was delighted last year to find Five Roses Cherry tea on the store shelves. Having enjoyed it for a while now, and given away quite a few teabags to friends as samples to try out, I am now ready to restock my cupboard but am unable to find any stock in store shelves in the Bluff, Durban area. Has Cherry tea been discontinued? as I see it advertised on this website with a new packaging as “Cherry Burst” . Advice on the names of local stockists would be most welcome.

  • 11 July, 2011, 22:07

    just want to quiery which chain stores will have the cherry five roses?(pretoria area) has cherry tea been discontinued? regards your cherry lover

  • Chania
    13 July, 2011, 14:23

    Unfortunately the Five Roses Cherry tea has been discontinued. I will definitely put through a suggestion on your behalf to our Marketing Department that they should please bring it back.

    If you should require any further information please feel free to contact me.

    Sorry for the bad news!!

    Belinda McNeill
    Customer Care Consultant

  • connie du plessis
    24 July, 2011, 11:26

    Good day.
    I purchased a packet [50 tagless teabags] from Marang Superspar in Francistown, Botswana and found one foil packet badly damaged with only 6 broken teabags in it. I suspect a package problem as I broke the seal myself and can’t see any tampering with the packet. In today’s life I don’t feel comferable using the other packet. Any idea how to solve this?

  • Etna
    25 July, 2011, 12:49

    Please where can I buy the cherry tea that was avalible last year. I can get ginger, chamomile and all the others except chery. I stay in Kempton Park

  • Glynis
    13 August, 2011, 12:20

    I have been buying Five roses tea for the past 20yrs and when I saw the Competition to win a shopping holiday to New York I was thrilled as My husband say’s I could become a professional shopper, as I love shopping , so I went and brought a couple of small packets (always buy the 200) so that I could have a few entries , imagine my shock to find out that the winner had already been drawn. The outside of the pack states “Competition closes 31 December 2011 Terms and conditions apply” But if you read the terms
    11. winners have to be able to fly between the 9 November 2011 and 15 Novemebr 2011
    18. The grand prize winners to be notified by telephone between 1 June 2011 and 31 July 2011
    This is not right !! I was so disappointed This is false advertising.

  • bennie
    2 September, 2011, 18:14

    I had the same experience as Glynis and want too know from Five Roses wether i was misleaded by the this competition. surely the date for the draw for the 5 trips too New york sould have been on the outside of the box. Sms cost R1.50 for a nothing. I wander what the new consumer board of South Africa will say about this. I am highly disgusted and will never buy five roses again and would like you too give me a answer on this. Did i had to open the box instore too see the terms and coditions?

  • Francesca
    7 September, 2011, 12:38

    Good Day,

    Can anyone help me to locate where i can purchase the Five Roses cherry tea as I cannot seem to find it! Im in JHB Sandton area

  • LISA
    9 September, 2011, 10:58

    I have been using five rose tea bags for so many years now and it was the best tea ever but now its the worst ever.i know have to use two to three tea bags for a good cup of tea.its not good at all after a long day at work.It will be really great if i get a reply to this i am very disappoimted.

  • monica
    13 September, 2011, 12:16

    my taste buds do not allow me to confuse them by drinking any other tea but five roses.i only got very upset when i entered a competition presently running, where by you are required to sms a unigue bar code appearing on the inside of the 100 bags box, only to be told that my entery is incorrect,& that i should phone a no.for help.the help i got was to tell me to by onother box& try again.that was the best explanation.i wonder if that is a good markerting strategy.

  • Hajra
    26 September, 2011, 23:31

    Sorry but the taste of 5 roses has definitely changed .The quality is just not there.We have been using this tea for over 40 years.The refreshing taste is just not there.Please do something about it

  • Alex Divov
    29 September, 2011, 9:50

    You have changed the blend of the normal 5 Roses Tea and it is not nice. It tastes like Joko Tea which is horrible!
    My wife likes your Dargeeling Tea as a variation.

    Alex Divov

    6 October, 2011, 14:05

    Please …… WHERE can I buy DECAFFINATED tea??????????????????? I live in Pretoria East

  • Hester Blignaut
    12 October, 2011, 16:02

    I loved your Cherry tea but for the last few months I can not find any, when will it be in the shops again.
    I stay in Kempton Park

    24 November, 2011, 10:26

    hi does Five Roses have caffeine in it?

  • Jean
    17 January, 2012, 19:19

    Where can I purchase your lavender tea in Cape town

  • Kevin Morris
    31 January, 2012, 9:16

    I’m horrified to read the number of complaints submitted above over the past 2+ years!! I thought that it was just my wife & I who had noticed that the former high quality of Five Roses was no longer being maintained. We too have been complaining about the diminished taste of Five Roses AND the fact that the quanity of tea in the tea bags varies considerably, ranging from a under a 1/4 bag to over 1/2 full, therefore consistency of taste is virtually impossible to achieve. What’s up Five Roses? No Quality Control these days? We too have been forced to change our brand of tea - after almost 60 years of drinking your product. Sad, very SAD !!

  • malcolm
    28 March, 2012, 12:59

    we live in plettenburg bay and my wife would love to know where she could bye your cherry tea in this area let me know thanks


  • 5 April, 2012, 16:32

    I have been reading all the previous mail and your views on tea (Good Quality Old Fashioned Ceylon Tea) whether it being Five Roses,Pitco Tips,Joko or for that matter Mazzawattee.
    Here comes the big schock that the Distributors of virtually all food stuffs in south africa such as Tiger Brands,and Unilever who has the MONOPOLY in the food chain supply. They have by hook or by crook got rid of decent honest suppliers such as “ALL GOLD” and “Langeberg kooperasie” who distributed a decent product at a competative price, and not so long ago GANTS.These Macro Suppliers are still marketing under the same familiar brand names and the package looks alike but that QUalI$$ is GAGA the only simularity.
    Just to bring your attention back to the tea issue.PLEASE READ THE LABEL ON THE FIVE ROSES TEA and you will then understand why it is no longer Ceylon Tea, ok maybe 5% but the rest is a lot of rubbish. Solution, start drinking coffee, you will soon get used to it and you will not be frustrated with yout first cuppa

  • Christabel
    2 May, 2012, 13:06

    Hi I’m looking for Five Roses cherry tea. Any suppliers in Western Cape.

  • Eva Williams
    11 May, 2012, 9:45

    I have been drinking five roses tea for the last 50 years. I bought a box of tea and on operning the box the bags on the one side are not sealed. I have kept a bags to show you if you are interested. It was very annoying, because I could only use half of the tea bags for tea. I would appreciate if someone can contact me regarding this

  • Candice
    12 May, 2012, 11:04

    Hi there,

    I made my own creations on the “CHICKEN STEEPED IN EARL GREY & ORANGE”. I’m a Head chef and always looking for something “local” so i did the above menitioned dish with the fresh pack rooibos tea. I placed the tea bags, fresh orange wedges, orange juice, some white wine (is optional) and water. Added whole ginger roughtly chunky chopped cinnamon sticks(also optional) and brought that to the boil, once boiling i drop the fillets in and allow them to slowly poach, turning the stove off. and allow them to cool, then i bring the liquid to the boil and add the fillet to complete the cooking process and to warm it. once its hot i slice it and serve it on a roasted sweet potato and orange zest cake, thicken the poaching liquid and drizzle it over. It has a sweet taste from the oranges, and has a unique flavour from the rooibos tea and the cionnamon and ginger. i love this dish, please can you update us with more recipes to “inspire” us :)

  • lulu khumalo
    21 May, 2012, 20:11

    i would like to order five roses tea from u ,am a big suppier of tea

  • Alexander
    27 May, 2012, 17:47

    The perfect cup of Five Roses should be complemented by a fresh, fine quality rusk. Morning, noon or night, a rusk with your tea is an excellent choice.

  • Barry
    4 June, 2012, 8:47

    Hi. Can anyone give me more information on the production process of FIve Roses Decafeinated Tea? THanks Barry

  • Shireen
    28 June, 2012, 10:32

    My local supermarkets don’t seem to stock Five Roses Green Tea (pure) anymore. Has this product been discontinued?

  • Pieter
    4 August, 2012, 18:44

    Hi to you.
    I heard that tea bags turns toxic once the bag is removed and left to cool off. is this true and can one use the bag over again to make a new cup as we do with rooibos?

  • Claes Trolle
    16 November, 2012, 9:15

    Have enjoyed the Five Roses tea in SA for many years. Do you have any supplier/importer in Sweden?
    If not - can you give me an estimate of the total price for sales to a private person of say 10 boxes (1000 teabags) of your standard breakfast tea (might as well be the “African” - not the Roibos though!) .

    Best regards
    Claes Trolle
    Bålsta Sweden

  • claudette bharath
    13 May, 2013, 11:25


    i had a cup of your flavoured tea blackberrie and the creme brulee it was divine i would like to purchase this tea and i live in durban 074 823 6354

  • 15 May, 2013, 10:00


    I buy 5roses tea.Recently when we open the tags ,the the bags bust,reason being i think is ,it is stuck on the bag.I felt embrased in front of my visitors.Stuck on tags is not good.

    Charm Naidoo

  • Nireen
    15 May, 2013, 23:00

    I am truly sorry to say that the quality of Five Roses teabags has dramatically deteriorated.The original taste and strength is just not there anymore.Furthermore, you got to wait so long for the bag to soak and the tea tastes horrible.
    Please take corrective action on your quality as I’ve already ran thro’ and wasted two boxes!

  • Susan
    7 June, 2013, 15:49

    I live in Los Angeles, CA USA, and would like to buy Five Roses DECAF Tea, and am willing to pay shipping fees from anywhere in the world. Please tell me which companies stock the decaf variety in the US. If it is not available here, can I order it from somewhere else in the world to be shipped to the US? Is it discontinued?

  • Dina Maker
    19 January, 2016, 14:03

    Good day.
    I would like to find out where can i buy five roses grapefruit and lavender tea? i used to buy it all the time in the supermarkets, but now i cant get it anywhere. i would really appreciate your response.
    Kind regards

  • Deven
    6 April, 2016, 22:15

    Hi my family and I have been drinking five roses for over 45 years and most supporters of this tea drinks it more out of loyality than quality , the tea has detoriiated so badly and I am sure there is less tea leaves in the bag or instead of using 100% quality they blend it with a cheaper version , we have now switched to joko tea and its a great tea ,try it

  • Timana
    15 April, 2016, 23:15

    Hi. What are the health benefits of Five Roses? What are the ingredients used in the tea? What vitamins do they contain? Does it just taste good or is there something more to it?

  • shelley
    10 February, 2017, 11:24

    No sugar NO milk just my 5 roses and and water wow i love it and makes my skin look great. i love 5 roses

  • Sheila
    13 March, 2017, 20:53

    Where can I buy 5 roses Prince of Wsles tea. Can’t find it anywhere.

  • Johann
    16 March, 2017, 11:50

    Where can i buy PITCO TEA i live in Sasolburg

  • TeaLover
    11 August, 2017, 0:08

    Hi, me and Mom are tea lovers and we had to switch to joko tea because five roses tastes bitter now. The problem now is we are have skin breakouts all over the body from drinking joko,has anyone else experienced this?

  • Dee
    12 August, 2017, 23:05

    Does the five roses green tea contain caffeine?

  • Nik
    30 August, 2017, 21:00

    Has anyone found a tea in the USA that is close to tasting like 5 Roses? The closest I have encountered is Kenyan GFOP.



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