A paradise in Mauritius
 Cosmopolitan * Contemporary * Stylish 


Long Beach, Mauritius



Long Beach is the spectacular new
Sun Resort on the east coast of Mauritius,
merging with the longest and widest
stretch of pristine white beach on the island. 

Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius



An unspoiled, untouched tropical paradise
with azure blue waters set in 60 acres of
palm fringed tropical gardens. Long Beach
is the ultimate place in the sun for the
perfect carefree holiday, exquisite
wedding and idyllic honeymoon. 


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius

Nicolas de Chalain, Mauritian born General Manager, with a dynamic vision for Long Beach, has a long history with Sun Resorts and is happy to welcome you to Long Beach, which he says is affordable and supremely elegant. A resort that combines contemporary and tropical architecture with landscaping sensitive to the surrounding environment, blending seamlessly into a Mauritian multi-cultural way of life.


Bienvenue à l’ile Maurice

Behind the scene at Long Beach: Dene Murphy, together with his team, conceptualised, oversaw, administered and managed the entire project. While architect Kevan Moses and interior designer Keith Mehner integrated the theme of the eco-friendly Long Beach perfectly. They took a contemporary approach, softened with natural forms using materials sourced on the island, merging the lushness of the tropical gardens with the striking architecture throughout the resort. The team achieved the ultimate in accommodating large numbers of guests, effortlessly, illustrating that entertainment and privacy can co-exist. 


Long Beach, Mauritius


A high level of cooking activity in seven open kitchens introduces a theatrical food experience at Le Marché, their main restaurant, which is open for breakfast and dinner. Well planned and structured buffets are daily works of art where colours, music and aromas combine to make a veritable feast for the senses. 


Freshly squeezed juices with the accent on health and energy are prepared to order. Green melon juice, wonderful! ‘Morning Power’, a combination of grapefruit, carrot and root ginger. Blended beetroot, kiwi and orange juice is a good boost. Enjoy a juice that aids digestion and skin as well as boosting your immunity; fresh pineapple, apple, carrot and celery are the magic ingredients. 


Long Beach, Mauritius


The copious quantities of exquisitely sliced fruit are a joy prepared in the traditional Mauritian way, a style which has travelled the world. Mauritian, Chinese and Japanese chefs have mingled their expertise and over the years have become skilled in both fruit and vegetable carvings, which they do with great artistry. 


The most luxurious breakfast options: crisp almonds and walnuts, bowls of dried apricot, banana, cranberries, apple and figs. Try sugared mango or papaya, pineapple, coconut and apples poached in a light aromatic syrup. 


Spoiled for choice: Smoked marlin, salmon and a fine selection of cold meats including mortadella. Order the lightest omelettes, poached eggs timed to the minute, grilled fish or a tender beef steak, lamb and savoury chicken sausages.


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


An ongoing show at La Marché where
 dishes are meticulously prepared and presented.


At the boulangerie the air is fragrant with freshly baked brioche, crisp little croissants, pain au chocolat, slender French baguette and seed loaf pairs with home made preserves including raspberry, strawberry and peach. Delicate Danish pastries, marble cake, banana bread and vanilla muffins, minute puffy doughnuts topped with chocolate or coconut and for lovers of waffles and pancakes with cinnamon sugar and maple syrup, irresistible! 



Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius

Pastry Chef, Sandy Scioli, trained in
France with top restaurateur Bernard
L’Oiseau and has recently returned
to Mauritius where she is producing the
most immaculate patisserie using
the finest ingredients at Long Beach.



Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Comfortable seating abounds in spacious
piazzas, bright, colourful areas surrounding
the restaurants and bars. Meandering blue
crystal pools where you can lounge on
floating sun bathed decks between the palms.


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Tides is the relaxed seafood restaurant at Long
Beach, alongside is Tides Pool & Beach Bar
where you can order long, cool, fruit cocktails,
or sip a glass of chilled wine over lunch. 

Mauritius is fortunate to possess fine fishing grounds where you can catch Black, Blue and Striped Marlin throughout the year. Sample the excellent Sacréchien, Red and Grey Snapper, Red and White Parrot fish and their very appealing oysters, freshly plucked from the rocks.


At Tides Sacréchien is served with wild spinach and oyster cream, but for a taste of dishes prepared with a Creole flavour choose Red Snapper Curry flavoured with cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, tomato and onion, or a Captain Fish Rougaille made with ripe tomatoes, garlic, onions, ginger, piquant curry leaves and spring onion. Usually served with white cucumber, a spicy tomato chutney, sweet diced pineapples from the island and fragrant Basmati rice scented with coriander. 


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Le Bonheur Sauvignon Blanc 2009 is a very popular wine in Mauritius, perfect for island cuisine. Bright in colour, slightly tinged with soft green shades. A crisp wine, fresh on the palate, all creating a pleasing mélange of flavours; green figs, asparagus and hints of tropical fruit. 


Le Bonheur, meaning ‘happiness’,
in tune with Mauritius 


The home of Le Bonheur in the Stellenbosch area of South Africa is an 163 hectare estate with an elegant Manor House. An estate that is blessed with a varied terroir, altitudes and enchanting views. Their ultra particular and dedicated winemaker, Sakkie Kotze, is hands on in the fine French tradition. 


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Small game abounds in Mauritius, where it is used in many of their more sophisticated dishes. A springbok fillet served with a bilimbi confit (a local tropical fruit), white asparagus, chocolate and local rum jus. 


With its deep red hue, Le Bonheur Cabernet Sauvignon 2007, is a silky well integrated wine with hints of berry, dark chocolate and the spicy vanilla notes of oak. The tannins are soft, but add good structure to the wine, lending it to being paired with venison, a fine contrast. 



Long Beach, Mauritius  Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius

The desserts are luscious combining the exotic
fruits of the island with sorbets such as lime
sherbet and roasted pineapple served with
lemon parfait studded with pumpkin seeds.



Long Beach, Mauritius


Mauritius draws tourists from
around the world and the
Italian and Mediterranean table
is familiar to all. At Long Beach,
Sapori, their Italian style deli,
 hits the spot with pizza and pasta.

Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Just off the piazza you step straight into Sapori, a white, minimalist Italian restaurant where you can drop in and have a mid morning espresso or cappuccino. A good spot to relax over an informal lunch when it is bathed in a gentle sun, or dine under the stars.


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Smoked salmon carpaccio from the light lunch menu is marinated in olive oil and served with a bouquet of herbed, dressed salad leaves.  A successful rival to salmon in Mauritius, smoked marlin, is simply served with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of olive oil, a special treat.


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Among the pasta, hand made Tortellini filled with cheese and spinach with tomato sauce and topped with deep fried basil. Enjoy the Plaisir de Merle Merlot, pairs well with the robust pasta.  


Long Beach, MauritiusPlaisir de Merle Shiraz 2007 is a contemporary wine, discreet with ripe floral and subtle vanilla tones. The texture is velvety, yet there is a refreshing acidity. Can be enjoyed now, but has the fine qualities that will allow it to mature for three to seven years. A wine that can partner pasta dishes with the full rich flavours of the Italian kitchen. 

Established by the French Huguenots in 1693 on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountains between Paarl and Franschhoek, Plaisir de Merle is a rare gem where cellar master Niel Bester has been able to produce some very fine wines from their excellent terroir. Since 2007 they have been a member of the biodiversity wine initiative.  


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Lovin, the Sommelier at Long Beach, has an interesting background in wine having studied in Bordeaux both at the Château Haut-Marbuzet and at Saint-Estèphe. He visited many wine growing regions and for his Long Beach wine list he has interestingly enough selected over 80% South African wines, all chosen in blind tasting. 


Very particular about the way he serves his wine, Lovin maintains the temperature of 18°C for red and he chills his whites to perfection at 12 – 14°C. We chatted about the Plaisir de Merle Merlot 2008 and he says it is a well rounded wine with a long aftertaste, very pleasing with slight hints of tobacco and an herbaceous twist.

Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


"It is exciting to be part of the Mauritian table
at Long Beach with its many exotic touches
in five restaurants that suit every taste," as
Executive Chef David Laval says, "You can
indulge in a thousand pleasures enjoying a
cuisine that is full of intense colour and flavour." 


The vital team: Cousisa Pillay, Vikash Deelah and Vijranand Kallooa. Mauritius is known for the excellent and consistent standard of their cuisine overseen by their dedicated Food & Beverage Manager, Naraindutt Puttee, who has an eagle eye and is there from dawn till dusk making sure that your Long Beach food and wine experience is a memorable one. 


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Vegetable and fruit carving has long been a specialty of talented artistic Mauritian chefs and they do produce the most amazing and colourful sculptures out of the contents of a simple vegetable basket; carrots, cucumbers, radishes and melons are transformed!

Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Light and lovely to suit the day, a salad of romaine lettuce, red endive, edible flowers; violet and borage, and white asparagus dressed with a combination of white, red and raspberry vinegars steeped together with a kaffir lime leaf.



Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius  

Pretty miniature fruit tartlets filled with a plethora of blue and black berries, kiwi, and pineapple all nestling in a rich pastry cream. 






Long Beach, Mauritius




For utter relaxation, an outstanding
wellness spa connecting mind, body
and spirit and improve your well-being. 


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


The outdoor spa pavilion with 12 treatment rooms is an ideal setting for yoga and superb, skillful massages. Within the spa you will find every beauty aid that is required including a hair and nail salon. The spa has been designed using natural woods and wide windows with serene mountain views, around a theme of marine wellness and developed with the expertise of Thal’ion, leaders in cosmetology and thalassotherapy. 


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Calm and restful colours; creams, azure blue blending with turquoise are the colours of Long Beach and used throughout the rooms and suites. Sliding doors open onto verandahs where you can laze, read a book and switch off.  

 Shores at Long Beach is the vibrant and
buzzing cocktail and lounge bar overlooking
the beach, fabulous as the sun sets. Order one
of their signature cocktails and share in the fun!


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Long Beach has two Asian inspired restaurants; modern Chinese at Chopsticks a combination of east meets west with both classic and contemporary dishes, and their elegant Hasu. Avant garde with a central sushi, grill and yakitori bar, Hasu serves dinner both inside and overlooking the piazza, a special dining experience. 

Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius


Reunion born David Laval, with a wealth of experience from Sydney, London and Hong Kong to Japan, tells us, "Mauritius has given birth to a cuisine that is full of colour, flavour and tastes that vary between subtle and intense, in tune with the multicultural people of the Indian Ocean. I find this is the perfect example of people living together in harmony, a great asset for Mauritian food culture, which is dynamic, innovative and fast developing".


Long Beach, Mauritius


On the menu at Hasu: A sashimi of yellowfin tuna and salmon, the most delicate hand rolls of avocado and fresh crab meat. Charcoal grilled King Scallop is drizzled with warm chilli, vinegar and black bean dressing. Try the piquant combination of avocado cream topped with tuna tartar.


Long Beach, Mauritius


Sommelier Lovin says of Plaisir de Merle Chardonnay 2008, "It is a well rounded wine with vanilla and citrus on the nose, and buttery and lemon flavours on the palate. The combination of the grape and the oak show off the terroir of Plaisir de Merle". Plaisir de Merle is a very stunning estate in Stellenbosch with a reputation for exclusive award winning wines.  


Long Beach, Mauritius


Perfect with the tuna tartar and Beluga caviar, the Plaisir de Merle Sauvignon Blanc 2009 is a showy wine with fresh green tinges and tropical fruit. It has an enticing nose that carries through to the taste holding its own all the way. It is a delightful wine to serve with seafood, fresh and crisp with a follow on of sweet ripe flavours. 


Long Beach, Mauritius Plaisir de MerleLong Beach, Mauritius



The excellent Plaisir de Merle Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 paired well with the grilled wagu beef fillet with wasabi, and a teriyaki and vanilla sauce, topped with fresh green asparagus. The cabernet sauvignon, dark ruby in colour with an overlay of deep purple is a full-bodied wine with hints of dark chocolate, vanilla, berry and plum, a wine that is redolent of ripe fruit backed by a spiciness while the tannins are soft.


Long Beach, MauritiusLong Beach, Mauritius Executive Chef David Laval


David Laval tells us, "Here at Long Beach we integrate the use of local ingredients such as vanilla and chilli to make unique fusion dishes with that special Mauritian touch. Some of the intriguing desserts we serve are a lightly sweetened smooth paste of adzuki beans with piquant yuzu jelly and silky rice milk cream. Another is shortbread with wild raspberry and lychee sorbet. A stunning dessert, not of course at Hasu, is the cold chocolate soup perfumed with ylang ylang essential oil, and a chocolate and bois chéri tea cake." A feast for the senses! 


Coastal Road, Belle Mare, Mauritius
Tel: +230 401 1919


Long Beach, Mauritius




World Leisure Holidays, a leader in exquisite vacations and known for their excellent service, has a flawless reputation in travel over the last 18 years. Originally the brainchild of hospitality legend Sol Kerzner now wholly owned by the Mauritius-based Sun Resorts Limited. Listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius since January 1993.


A Group that operates world class hotels and is part of the bigger picture in a country that is synonymous with memorable escapes: luxurious accommodation, idyllic locations and superb facilities. From Mauritius, Zanzibar, Dubai, Maldives, Bahamas, Mexico and Thailand to Cape Town, guests return again and again. 


What is vital and important is that these holidays are affordable luxury and you have the choice of all inclusive offers, unmatched value and several different styles of holiday resorts in this ASATA-accredited company.


Ebene Skies, Rue de l’Institut
Ebene, Mauritius
Tel: +230 402 0000


Long Beach, Mauritius


Tourism Leisure and Events


SummerTimes is a company known for the ease, great service and a partner of World Leisure Holidays in transporting their guests around the exquisite island of Mauritius in comfortable, spotless mini busses, an air-conditioned smooth ride, with knowledgeable operators. 


With options such as the sampling of teas among the lush tea-fields in the South, walking on the ocean floor (literally) or taking a helicopter ride over the island, SummerTimes offers holiday-makers a full array of activities and excursions.




A flying ambassador 


Air MauritiusThe concept is that of ‘An Island in the Sky’ where emphasis has been placed on the island’s exceptionally beautiful natural scenery and rich and vibrant marine resources. Incorporated into the design of the new cabins which illustrate the lagoon and the ocean, the green of the palm trees and the sugar cane fields, the colourful and rich ocean, and the amazingly striking flowers.


Air Mauritius is renowned for the high level of service provided in-flight and on the ground for which it has been internationally awarded on several occasions.


The Mauritian carrier acts as an ambassador for the country. Those who fly Air Mauritius realise that multiple features on board celebrate "L’Esprit de l’Ile Maurice", the Soul of Mauritius. The new cabin configuration is in line with this approach to make passengers’ in-flight experience a unique one so that the moment they step on board, they feel they are already in Mauritius.










Photography by Franz Lauinger





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