Wine Stewards


Wine Steward Candidates from left to right:  Jeffrey Dalingozi (Bushmans Kloof), Tinashe Nyamudoka (One&Only, Cape Town), Brian Braite Nhlanhla Mahlangu (The Twelve Apostles Hotel & Spa), Evan Sampson (La Residence), Francisco Domingos (Queen Victoria), Farai Magwada (Mount Nelson), Ayanda Mkune (Taj Cape Town), Heinrich La Meyer (Radisson Blu) and Marlvin Gwese (Cape Grace). Not illustrated: Ndaba Dube (The Vineyard Hotel & Spa).





The hotel industry in South Africa, one of our strongest pillars of tourism, is playing an enormous role in the upliftment, training, mentoring and nurturing of thousands of young people that come into the industry. They arrive, often with little education and few skills, at the bottom of the ladder. These trainees, representative of our multi faceted cultures each with their unique culinary heritage, provide the backbone of our hotel kitchens and beyond. From these small beginnings to successful careers!



Appreciating Stellenzicht wines by Winemaker Guy Webber, Candidate Wine Steward Evan Sampson from La Residence of The Royal Portfolio with their Candidate Chef Phumeza Maxwele who is being mentored by Executive Chef Lennard Marais.


Candidate Chef Sorita Booysen of Bushmans Kloof mentored by Executive Chef Floris Smith. Joining her is their Candidate Wine Steward Jeffrey Dalingozi who is being put through his paces with Lomond. Winemaker Kobus Gerber and Viticulturist Wayne Gabb are the dynamic team behind this brand. 


Candidate Chef Shu-Aib Bassier of the Taj Cape Town under the wing of Executive Chef Shyam Longani, while Candidate Wine Steward Ayanda Mkune is being mentored by Sommelier Tatiana Marcetteau as they pair their excellent menu with Zonnebloem Wines by Cellarmaster Deon Boshoff


Showcook’s role in the Inter Hotel Challenge is to provide the opportunity and inspiration for the most talented, creative trainees. Giving them goals and the possibility of achieving success, not only in South Africa, but internationally to become ambassadors for our hospitality industry.


Over the years, through their development and tenacity, these trainees have gone on to become excellent chefs at our unrivalled safari lodges and restaurants, made a name for themselves as authors, starred on television and made an impact through social networks, thus honouring their mentors in the broadest sense and acknowledging the selfless, unstinted assistance they received. 


Le Bonheur Sauvignon Blanc 2009


Tinashe Nyamudoka Candidate Wine Steward and Michele Jeftha Candidate Chef (pictured above right) of the One&Only, Cape Town pairing with Le Bonheur and Winemaker Lauren Snyman, mentored by One&Only Cape Town’s Sommelier Luvo Ntezo and Chef du Cuisine Victoria Stott.  


This applies equally to the role of the wine stewards who are put through a rigorous training programme. It is gratifying to see the amazing development, sheer determination and concentration they bring to this role as they strive to achieve the goal of becoming a fully fledged sommelier.


Cape Legends with their superb wine estates are a force in this initiative having the vision to take on this social responsibility by partnering with the ten top participating hotels in the Cape. Creating a window for the industry as a whole, an opportunity for hotels to become a unified force and powerful entity for tourism. Cape Legends’ aim is highlighting the culture of mentorship, promoting skills development and over time promote from within. 



Executive Sous Chef Shane Louw of The Vineyard Hotel & Spa take Candidate Chef Samantha Temmers (pictured above left) who is enjoying the creative exercise of pairing of her dishes with Desiderius and Pongrácz Méthode Cap Classique with the enthusiastic assistance of Ndaba Dube, their Candidate Wine Steward. 


Queen Victoria Hotel duo Francisco Domingos Candidate Wine Steward and Thaabiet Adams Candidate Chef (pictured above, second right) take to Durbanville Hills and Winemaker Martin Moore with the guiding hands of Newmark Hotels Executive Chef Craig Paterson, Chef du Cuisine James Dempster and Food & Beverage Manager Chris Weston. 



Executive Chef Malika van Reenen of the Cape Grace shows off Gert Böcking’s (pictured right) skills as their Candidate Chef while Marlvin Gwese

(pictured below) Candidate Wine Steward interprets the finer nuances of Plaisir de Merle with winemaker Niel Bester




The Cook-Off for the trainees and wine stewards took place at the South African Chefs Academy (SACA) on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th August where they presented a well-balanced three-course menu, seasoned judiciously with Khoisan Sea Salt, under R150 paired with Cape Legends’ wines, using versatile pork from the Western Cape Pork Producers, an association that is enviable in their approach to responsible farming with the finest input worldwide.


The wine stewards were under the close watch of The South African Sommelier Association (SASA), established in 2010 as an integral part of the food and wine industry with the vision to promote a culture of fine wine, food and service excellence in South Africa. 


Our panel of judges; Paul Hartmann of the South African Chefs Academy, Cape Town and Brian McCune accredited judge of the World Association of Chefs Society, Marilyn Cooper CEO of the Cape Wine Academy, Marieta Human of the Western Cape Pork Producers’ Association, accomplished sommelier Higgo Jacobs of SASA, and Wolfgang Leyrer hospitality consultant. Samarie Smith wine journalist and Cape Legends’ Brand Ambassador Carolyn Miller-Krogh. 



The black tie celebratory gala dinner will be held at the historic Vineyard Hotel & Spa on Thursday, 26th September where Executive Sous Chef Shane Louw will prepare the dinner around choice dishes from the competition partnered by Cape Legends’ superb wines and bubbles from Desiderius and Pongrácz Méthode Cap Classique with award winning brandy from Uitkyk and a final flourish, Neethlingshof Maria.


The splendid tables each with their silver and white theme will be judged by Floral Artist Flower Walker of Petals Group and Interior Designer Jay Smith of the Jay Smith Collection. While the bread basket will also come under close scrutiny of Dr Susanne Reuther and her partner Ulf Grill, both lovers of fine breads and with great generosity are awarding two KitchenAid Mixers, one for the winning baker and the other to the hotel.


Annette Kesler says, “Excellence begins with the hospitable gesture of serving the finest bread and butter!”




Executive Chef Floris Smith
Sorita Booysen (Candidate Chef) 
Jeffrey Dalingozi (Candidate Wine Steward)
Winemaker & Viticulturist Kobus Gerber and Wayne Gabb 




 Executive Chef Malika van Reenen
Gert Böcking (Candidate Chef) 
Marlvin Gwese (Candidate Wine Steward)
F&B Manager Michael Liffman 
Winemaker Niel Bester







Executive Chef Rudi Liebenberg of Mount Nelson introduces Catherine Adonis their Candidate Chef (pictured left). While Sommelier Carl Habel of the Mount Nelson puts Candidate Wine Steward Farai Magwada 

(pictured above right) through his paces with Uitkyk Wines & Brandy with Winemaker Estelle Lourens.


Executive Chef Rudi Liebenberg 
Catherine Adonis (Candidate Chef) 
Farai Magwada (Candidate Wine Steward)
Sommelier Carl Habel
Winemaker Estelle Lourens 





Chef du Cuisine for Reubens Victoria Stott
Michele Jeftha (Candidate Chef) 
Tinashe Nyamudoka (Candidate Wine Steward) 
Sommelier Luvo Ntezo
Winemaker Lauren Snyman 




Executive Chef Craig Paterson
Chef du Cuisine James Dempster
Thaabiet Adams (Candidate Chef)  
Francisco Domingos (Candidate Wine Steward)
F&B Manager Chris Weston
Winemaker Martin Moore





Candidate Chef Bonga Galada (pictured left) and Candidate Wine Steward Heinrich La Meyer (pictured right)  of the Radisson Blu take the pairing of Fleur du Cap wines with Winemaker Sanelisiwe (Praisy) Dlamini in their stride with Executive Chef Grant Kennedy at the helm. 


Executive Chef Grant Kennedy
Bonga Galada (Candidate Chef) 
Heinrich La Meyer (Candidate Wine Steward)

Winemaker Sanelisiwe (Praisy) Dlamini




Executive Chef Lennard Marais
Phumeza Maxwele (Candidate Chef) 
Evan Sampson (Candidate Wine Steward)
Winemaker Guy Webber




 Executive Chef Shyam Longani
Shu-aib Bassier (Candidate Chef) 
Ayanda Mkune (Candidate Wine Steward)
Sommelier Tatiana Marcetteau
Winemaker Deon Boshoff





Executive Chef Christo Pretorius of The Twelve Apostles Hotel introduces Oscar Ndlovu their Candidate Chef while Sommelier Gregory Mutambe takes Candidate Wine Steward Brian Mahlangu under his tutelage with Winemaker De Wet Viljoen and Neethlingshof Wines. From the West Coast of the Cape comes the finest sea salt of all, Khoisan.  

 Executive Chef Christo Pretorius
Oscar Ndlovu (Candidate Chef) 
Brian Braite Nhlanhla Mahlangu (Candidate Wine Steward)
Sommelier Gregory Mutambe
Winemaker De Wet Viljoen 




Executive Sous Chef Shane Louw
Samantha Temmers (Candidate Chef)
Ndaba Dube (Candidate Wine Steward)
Winemaker Elunda Basson




Welfare groups that have joined in this initiative are:

StreetSmart SA is a community initiative, raising funds for street children through participating restaurants, by giving their diners the opportunity to add a voluntary R5 donation to their table’s bill. The donations go directly to established organisations providing services to street children and children at risk. Eating and donating at a StreetSmart SA restaurant is the responsible way to help a street child. Dine & Give responsibly!

Contact: Nils Heckscher Streetsmart@eqweb.co.za  www.streetsmartsa.org.za 

Tel: +27 (0) 21 418 0621


FRIENDS OF THE ANIMAL RESCUE ORGANISATION. We are a small band of dedicated volunteers who formed a committee to assist in the plight of all abused animals, to help meet the huge demand for basic animal medical care and food, and to facilitate the sterilization of cats and dogs in needy rural areas of primarily the Eastern Cape where unemployment is in excess of 50% and incidents of brutality to animals a distressing regular happening. We started a few years ago after one of us received an emergency call from Fort Beaufort where a private individual was frantic to lay her hands on food for the animals she had rescued. We discovered that this lady had for years in desperation acted as an animal welfare outpost for the surrounding areas where no welfare institutions operated, mostly at her own expense, as she could not turn a blind eye to the starvation, abuse, cruelty and neglect in her neighbourhood. She presently operates, due to our intervention, in collaboration with the S.P.C.A. King Williamstown who does splendid work in those areas.

Contact: Jenny Everingham jenny@everinghams.co.za


THE OUR KIDS OF THE CAPE FUND, social investment initiative by the Vineyard Hotel & Spa, Townhouse Hotel and Conference Centre and Oude Werf Hotel in Stellenbosch, is a Non-Profit Organization 089-031-NPO registered with the Department of Social Development. A committee, comprising of Hotel Employees, who have been elected by colleagues from their respective hotels, oversees the running of the social investment initiative.


Some of our beneficiaries include: Woodside Special Care Centre, Baphumelele Childrens Home, Aquarius School Feeding Project, Anthea Pieters Safe House and SA Childrens Home. Guests staying at our Hotels are asked to contribute a small donation, per room per night, which is billed to their accounts. The Hotel matches the contribution Rand for Rand. Our Guests are under no obligation to pay the amount and they may request to have it adjusted from their hotel account at reception.

Contact: Alison Kranenburg kotc@vineyard.co.za Tel: +27 (0) 21 657 4696. 


Inspirational and practical prizes for the winners include a brilliant opportunity of a three month working stint for the winning Candidate Chef at the luxurious five star Sukhothai in Bangkok, Thailand  through Gregory Meadows, their General Manager to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks, with return flights graciously organised by Cape Legends.


Generous bursaries by the Cape Wine Academy up to the value of R35 000 for our three winning Candidate Wine Stewards are a magnificent opportunity to give them a leg up in their chosen career and delighted that Marilyn Cooper will be joining the panel of judges. 


Long Beach, Mauritius

Newmark Hotels and their flagship hotel Queen Victoria are donating R15 000, The Newmark Award, towards the education of the winning Candidate Chef and Wine Steward.


The finest iconic KitchenAid mixer will be awarded to the winning Candidate Chef and exciting KitchenAid appliances to second and third. In addition hampers of indispensible culinary KitchenAid accessories will be awarded to all the participants of the Inter Hotel Challenge; Candidate Chefs, their Assistants and Candidate Wine Stewards.


Le Creuset will be giving away top of the range pans while Scanpan Knives will be presented from AL&CD Ashley


Lindt & Sprüngli (SA) is offering three Master Classes for the successful Candidate Chefs and Struik Lifestyle will be presenting indispensable books.


Following on, our winner in Bangkok will be presenting a very special dinner at The Sukhothai attended by the South African Embassy and their partnered wine estate. On return to South Africa at a later date there will be a final lunch at exquisite Plaisir de Merle, one of the flagship estates of Cape Legends


UPDATE: Two new prizes for the Candidate Wine Stewards; The Brainchild of Danish entrepreneur, René Dehn and his business partner, Malene Meisner, are offering the winner a mentoring experience at their tastings in South Africa. The White Club, founded and designed for discerning people, is for connoisseurs who love and appreciate the finest and rarest wines in the world. The private member club is by invitation only and travels the world for the rarest and most unique experiences. A first for South Africa, The White Club launched The World of First Growths Series, an awe-inspiring wine and food-pairing experience, hosted around the globe featuring some of the finest wines internationally.


Higgo Jacobs will be presenting a complimentary 12 months Wine Advisor membership to the South African Sommelier Association for the wine steward candidate who shows promise during the challenge and who will benefit from further guidance and tutoring, with the aim of becoming a Professional SASA member in due course.






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