Well-known food and wine writer, author and broadcaster Michael OlivierMarieta Human (Nutritionist and representing South African Pork Producers' Organisation, SAPPO)John Jackson (Director, Royal Malewane, part of the Royal Portfolio)

Well-known food and wine writer, author and broadcaster Michael Olivier, Marieta Human (Nutritionist and representing South African Pork Producers’ Organisation, SAPPO) and John Jackson (Director, Royal Malewane, part of The Royal Portfolio)


Wine Stewards from the Cape Town Hotel School (CPUT) Morgan-Rae Doose and Thandoxolo Nqaphayi with Leandré Müller of The Hurst Campus and Stephanie Boettger of the Cape Town Hotel School (CPUT)Floris Smith (Assistant General Manager / Executive Chef Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat)

Wine Stewards from the Cape Town Hotel School (CPUT) Morgan-Rae Doose and Thandoxolo Nqaphayi with Leandré Müller of The Hurst Campus and Stephanie Boettger of the Cape Town Hotel School (CPUT). Floris Smith (Assistant General Manager / Executive Chef Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat) 



Celebrity Chef Reuben Riffel, chef patron of a number of top restaurants in the CapeAubrey Ngcungama (Hospitality Ambassador One&Only, Cape Town)

Celebrity Chef Reuben Riffel, chef patron of a number of top restaurants in the Cape, Penelope Horwood (wine writer and communications) and Aubrey Ngcungama (Hospitality Ambassador One&Only, Cape Town)




The One&Only Reaching for Young Stars cook-off took place for the fourth consecutive year at the stunning One&Only, Cape Town where our contestants from five major cookery schools and a panel of top judges (see above) took centre stage; Reuben Riffel, Aubrey Ngcungama, Floris Smith, John Jackson, Marieta Human, Penelope Horwood and Michael Olivier. The day began in the spacious kitchens of Nobu at 08h00 where the contestants were cool, calm and collected - remarkably so! Spotless workstations, stainless steel knives flashing, fresh herbs, red onions sliced meticulously, ice cream churning and foam machines at the ready. 


Five top cookery schools were joined by four distinguished wine estates; Silwood Cookery School with Slaley Wines, Cape Town Hotel School with Solms-Delta, while South African Chefs Academy partnered with Villiera Wines and The International Hotel School with Oldenburg. Wine Stewards from Granger Bay and The Hurst Campus showcased the candidates’ choice wine pairing with their dishes and presented the wines to the judges with commendable aplomb. 


The competition was broadened this year to include The South African Brandy Foundation when Director Christelle Reade-Jahn invited wine stewards from The Cape Town Hotel School and The Hurst Campus to participate in creating innovative brandy cocktails. An in-depth brandy workshop was followed by a mixology session and finally Reuben’s was the scene for an intense brandy cocktail judging conducted by well-known mixologist Johan Blaauw and Danie Pretorius, General Manager SA Brandy Foundation. Do see ‘Anyone for Cocktails?’  our brandy cocktail feature with recipes coming soon…   



Silwood Cookery School duo of chefs Cuan Butterworth and Natasha Jacka prepared a main course of meltingly delicious braised pork belly with pork neck croquettes, smoked potato purées and spring vegetables complemented by Slaley Pinotage 2006, presented by Morgan-Rae Doose of the Cape Town Hotel School. 


Cuan Butterworth, studying at Silwood, has an artist’s talent for symmetry and design, which lead him to study architecture after school. However over time he realised he was following the wrong career path. Cuan left architecture and began his culinary journey in 2013 after seeing what a cousin of his was doing at Silwood. 


Natasha Jacka with a natural affinity for fine dining cuisine, found her passion to learn to cook professionally was ignited during her gap year in France where she found work as a kitchen assistant. Mastering the technical skills coupled with her quiet, calm nature makes her an asset to a busy kitchen team.


Since 1964 Silwood School of Cookery has been going strong on their campus in Rondebosch. Originally headed up by one of the pioneers in cookery schools, Lesley Faull, followed by her daughter, Silwood’s current principal Alicia Wilkinson. Today Alicia and her daughter Carianne are at the helm. Their students have done consistently well and are spreading their expertise as excellent cooks internationally and in addition many becoming successful entrepreneurs.


The Slaley cellar was built in 1995 near Stellenbosch. "Our extensive range of wines are made in the classic way," explains Lindsay Hunting. "We believe in aging our wines in classic French barrels with one exception, our Shiraz. As always our wines are a reflection of the climatic conditions of their particular vintage. Quality red wines are our focus, winning a double gold at Vitis Vinefera recently for our Broken Stone Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 however we do have a worthy Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc." 


Cuan and Natasha’s sweet rhubarb, strawberries and roses with dehydrated rooibos foam and sherbet, which was successfully partnered with Slaley Noble Late Harvest 2007 presented by Morgan-Rae Doose of the Cape Town Hotel School. 



KitchenAid SA is deeply committed and supportive of young people acquiring culinary expertise and entrepreneurial skills. Superbly designed, KitchenAid has a formidable reputation internationally since 1919. Today, the Wings Group in South Africa, headed by Dr Susanne Reuther and her partner Ulf Grill, are leading the way domestically and commercially, raising the bar in our kitchens introducing a new realm of streamlined appliances that combine functionality and style. Jewel coloured and decorative they are the favourites of some famous names including Kate Duchess of Cambridge who has chosen KitchenAid for her new home. Dr Reuther has generously earmarked a number of these sought after appliances as prizes for the One&Only Reaching for Young Stars 2014. 


Cape Town Hotel School (CPUT) duo of chefs Olwethu Kondu and Mackayla Heneke prepared smoked salmon cheese roll served on crisp potato cakes with chive mayonnaise and vegetable salsa for starters, which they paired with Solms-Delta Lekkerwijn Rose 2013, presented by Thandoxolo Nqaphyi of the Cape Town Hotel School.  


Olwethu Kondu found while studying at Cape Town Hotel School that, "I learned techniques and skills to help uplift my knowledge in the culinary world and perhaps help me to succeed in becoming a pioneer in my culture, where presently there are not many food related role models."


Mackayla Heneke says, "I have a love of cooking as I spent most of my childhood in my father’s restaurant. My entire family is involved and I never want to change that. Every day I am inspired more and more to succeed in this industry. The aroma of fresh herbs, pastry, breads and various sauces that I get throughout the day just confirms this.  My career aspiration is to become a well known chef but ultimately I would like to open my own bakery."


Knowledgeable Thandoxolo Nqaphyi of the Cape Town Hotel School presented a range of Solms-Delta with finesse. Luke van Rensburg (Marketing Manager Cape Town Hotel School, Faculty of Business and Management Sciences Cape Peninsula University of Technology - CPUT)


The Cape Town Hotel School has been part of the fabric of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology since 1991and has recently taken on the mantle of the School of Sports, Events, Tourism and Hospitality. Their campus is situated in a prime seafront location, Granger Bay, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and offers a National Diploma and Bachelor Degree in Technology in Hospitality Management this includes accommodation, food and beverage and professional cookery to approximately 500 students. In addition they have a delightful restaurant with superb sea views that provides a hands on learning facility for their students. 


Solms-Delta, a fascinating estate in Franschhoek, rooted in the past and facing the future with great pride, shares a deep understanding of their heritage. The Solms-Delta range reflect this dedication with names such as ‘Africana’ in their Shiraz - a style they specialise in, ‘Hiervandaan’, delectable ‘Lekkerwijn’, rich and rounded ‘Amalie’ and the fragrant ‘Koloni’. Integrity is an integral part of the philosophy at Solms-Delta and this is what is apparent in their carefully crafted wines.

Cape Town Hotel School duo of chefs crispy pork belly and rolled pork loin served with wild mushrooms risotto, pear purée, garden vegetables and vanilla port sauce which was paired with Solms-Delta Amalie 2013.  


 "Pork is a nutrient dense food," explains Marieta Human, a well-known home economist, "all packed into a modest portion. Pork is more heart friendly than beef or lamb. In addition it is a low GI food and a rich source of vitamin B, which helps us to cope with stress, and containing a most absorbent type of iron, preventing tiredness while minerals such as calcium, phosphorous and zinc are plentiful. In fact this is an ideal meat both budget friendly and economical. 


Khoisan Sea Salt, hand harvested on the shores of the St Helena Bay near the Berg river, besides the icy Atlantic on the West Coast. The climate is perfect for the formation of salt crystals with its strong unpolluted winds and hot dry weather. Since 1996 this is where Khoisan has produced various grades of sea salts and the importance of this is that they have retained all trace elements and minerals that are essential nutrients resulting in a unique product. 


Lancewood was founded 1996. Today they are producing a superb range of innovative cheeses and dairy products that have earned a reputation for quality and flavour. It is not surprising that they have won numerous awards both locally and internationally and are a market leader with their superior cheeses, setting a benchmark for consistently good quality across the board.  



The International Hotel School duo of chefs Zach Shaik and Joshua Marais prepared their starter ‘Kirstenbosch’ with prawns, smoked salmon and baby leaf salad which they paired with Oldenburg Vineyards Chardonnay 2012 presented to the judges by Leandré Müller of The Hurst Campus. 


The Hurst Campus is proud to belong to the internationally acclaimed institute Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance offering the opportunity for their students to travel and study in Lyon, to network globally via a cultural and academic exchange programme. Their charming campus is situated in Franschhoek on the Backsburg Estate. Rebecca Hurst is passionate about education and committed to offering her students the best possible background for their culinary journey. 


Zachary Shaik (Zach), a first year student at the International Hotel School, Cape Town Campus, had always wanted to be a chef.  Having first studied Law he decided to follow his dream, left his job, and enrolled to study Culinary Arts. Zach is a sponge, committed to absorbing everything that can be learnt about food and the business of food. He hopes to open a restaurant in 2015 and would also like to “give back” by teaching basic culinary skills to underprivileged children.


Joshua Marais (Josh), a first year student studying Culinary Arts at the International Hotel School, Cape Town Campus. He loves to cook, loves to eat and is happiest when his food makes people smile. Once finished studying Josh plans to travel and cook in interesting places. Long term he sees himself in banqueting and even as a Chef lecturer at the International Hotel School!



IHS lecturer Philip Cook with Raymond Noppé of Oldenburg Vineyards. The International Hotel School duo of chefs Zach Shaik and Joshua Marais prepared their main course, aptly named Table Mountain featuring Disa Towers, braised pork with bok choy and wontons served with butternut, asparagus and shimenji mushrooms, which they paired with Oldenburg Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2012 presented to the judges by Leandré Müller of The Hurst Campus 

The International Hotel School (IHS) currently has campuses in Cape town, Durban and Sandton as well as Plettenberg Bay. This is where you have practical training, a course that prepares you for an exciting career in a world of fine food where you learn to prepare perfect patisserie as well as the wider culinary arts. IHS is affiliated to City & Guilds, Gordon Ramsay and The Tante Maria Culinary Academy.


Oldenburg Vineyards with their admirable terroir are set in a prime location in enchanting Banghoek valley off the Helshoogte Pass surrounded by wrap around mountain and vineyard views. Their maturing vines are producing a choice range of small quantities of handmade wine of excellent quality receiving many plaudits, among them a fine cabernet sauvignon, a superb merlot and an intense chenin blanc. Recently Oldenburg Vineyards opened their original 200 year old homestead for villa-style rental, which has been thoughtfully restored in a contemporary vein. 


Alan Lester (Managing Principal of the The International Hotel School Cape Town Campus) with Carolyn McDougall (Dean of the International Hotel School KwaZulu-Natal)



AL&CD Ashley is the name behind Scanpan in South Africa. These stainless steel elegant knives have stood the test of time with their perfect weight, balance and superior cutting edge, knives that will last a lifetime. Choose from classic chefs knives for carving, utility, paring and the perfect boning knife. Using the correct knife for each specific task is what makes cooking a pleasure. For domestic kitchens enjoy Scanpan in bright colours in porcelain or with a professional glean in stainless steel. Their Maitre d’ Copper Pots, lined with stainless steel and copper, are an amazing conductor of heat, elegantly designed and efficient to use.  



South African Chefs Academy duo of Chefs - Stirling Shaw and Natalie Pinto prepared an excellent starter of porchetta, caper crème fraîche, aubergine pickle and crackling. Villiera Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc 2014 presented by Stephanie Boettger Wine Steward was a perfect pairing.   


Stirling Shaw (SACA) Stirling is 28 and currently works at Burrata Restaurant in the Biscuit Mill. Cooking means everything to Stirling, a form of creative expression that can be changed and adapted continuously and he says he cannot live without sharp knives!

Natalie Pinto (SACA) Natalie is 19 years old and works at The Cape Grace Hotel in the Pastry section under Lorraine Meaney. She is a born pastry chef, neat, precise and passionate about all things sweet. In the pastry kitchen Natalie expresses her creative side in an environment that is continuously changing. Her favourite ingredients are citrus and cream and she cannot live without her thermometer!

South African Chefs Academy ‘For Chefs, By Chefs’ - a motto that refers to lecturers with extensive industry experience. "Our vision was to create a world class training facility when we launched the school in 2004. We envisaged a curriculum that was built on our own personal experience necessary to equip the students with practical skills to succeed in a tough work place. It is rare for students to be trained everyday by five star hotel chefs and we have consistently produced winners," says Paul Hartmann who is in the throes of opening a South African Chefs Academy in Norwood, Gauteng ready for 2015. 


In the wine world of South Africa award-winning Villiera is a name that is well-known for their ethical approach to social and environmental concerns including their game sanctuary. A pioneer of much loved méthode cap classique, they have a reputation for innovation, producing a sulphur free MCC in response to current trends. They have always believed in exceptional value and providing the finest wines. 


Natalie Pinto of the South African Chefs Academy with their elegant dessert of caramel mousse served with milk ice cream, lemon cremeux, gel and pecan brittle. A fitting partner in Villiera Inspiration 2010 Noble Late Harvest. (Right) Paul Kruger of Villiera Wines. All our wine partners were exceptionally motivated to spend time and share expertise with their teams. 



Lindt & Sprüngli renowned since 1845 and famous internationally for innovative, stylish and superb quality chocolate. Their Chocolate Studios are a first in South Africa in both Gauteng and Cape Town as well as worldwide. Here you can enjoy master classes with skilled chocolatiers in the Lindt tradition. You can play and experience chocolate making from hand crafted truffles to the most exquisite cakes, perfect for holiday entertaining. 


Struik Lifestyle is the leading publishing house in South Africa for over 51 years. Their books appeal to both the housewife who is preparing her first dish to more serious cooks and chefs. They celebrate local authors and explore the exciting cultures of food and tastes across the country including titles on health and the role that eating in the correct way benefits our lives. Books continue to be our lifelong friends indeed. 


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