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2016 Sees the One&Only Reaching for Young Stars in its sixth consecutive year joined by eight of the Cape’s most prominent cookery schools. Reaching for Young Stars is no doubt the top culinary event for student chefs and wine stewards held at the One&Only, Cape Town, who generously host the initiative each year. 



The celebrated prize giving will be taking place on Thursday 3rd November, attended by the who’s who of the culinary cognoscenti! Hats off to our fine panel of judges headed by Reuben Riffel and Luvo Ntezo with Aubrey Ngcungama, Carolyn Miller-Krogh, Horst Frehse, Jerome Peters, John Jackson, Malika van Reenen, Marieta Human and Penelope Horwood all of whom have received considerable recognition for their expertise in their field.




Aspirant wine stewards on the first rung!


(From left to right - front) Kelly Julie (Cape Town Hotel School part of the Cape Peninsular University of Technology - CPUT), Carl van Niekerk (CPUT) with charismatic and dedicated to his profession Luvo Ntezo (Sommelier One&Only Cape Town), Prudence Nxumalo (CPUT), Amy Laubscher (Hurst Campus) and Jason Frans (CPUT) (Back) Julian Jansen (CPUT), Benjamin Meggitt-Nxumalo (International Hotel School) and Andrias de Nysschen (Private Hotel School)  







Wellington is the home of Linton Park on the farm Slangrivier originally owned by Louis Fourie, today part of Camellia a UK multi-national company with huge interests in agriculture. Linton Park, partnering with the International Hotel School, recently hosted a comprehensive wine tasting together with their winemaker JG Auret on the stunning estate for the students. Their noteworthy wines pairing most successfully with the three course menu devised by the students, which included versatile South African pork, Lancewood white soft cheese, Rio Largo olive oil and Khoisan sea salt. 



Duo of Chefs Rossouw Koen and Nicholas Oliphant prepared
a delectable seared Norwegian salmon with a micro fennel
salad, dashi jelly, spring onion and chilli oil, cucumber
bubbles, sago crackling and a miso curd. 
 - Linton Park Sauvignon Blanc 2016 - 


After being awarded a scholarship on the ‘Ticket to Life’ bursary programme Rossouw Koen studied at the International Hotel School (IHS). After his integrated work experience at Belmond Mount Nelson he then received his Level Two Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking. Gathering experience Roussouw was a personal stage hand of Matt Preston (Judge Masterchef Australia) and once again the stage hand of Siba Mtongana (SA Celebrity Chef). He won the IHS intercampus Cook-Off, a fabulous trip to London after which he completed his diploma in Supervision in June 2016.


After leaving school Nicholas Oliphant studied at the international Hotel School and received a diploma in the Culinary Arts. He excelled in the hot kitchen area but recently has a better appreciation for patisserie. Over time Nicholas took part in numerous competitions where he has done exceptionally well.


Nicholas explains, "I have always tried to be placed in a work area that demands excellence at the highest standard and presents new challenges. ‘Supera Moras’ (overcome difficulties - never give up) is a motto engraved in my heart."


Braised Pork Belly with mushroom reduction baby turnip
fondants and apple and potato purée, buttered
mangetout, chicken crisps and an offal parfait
 - Linton Park Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2012 - 



International Hotel School representative and Benjamin Meggitt-Nxumalo with Winemaker AJ Auret who explained that their Rhino range has led them to become an ongoing donor towards rhino conservation.


Tangy Bavarois Cylinder with an earthy beetroot reduction,
dusted meringue drops and soetkoekie crunch,
candied rhubarb and a mint caviar
- Linton Park Shiraz 2014 - 


Benjamin Meggitt-Nxumalo has always been fascinated by viticulture and the art form that surrounds it. Most important he is willing to extend his knowledge and skills and put them to a practical test. For 21 years he lived in Mbabane Swaziland where he grew up admiring the hospitality industry and by watching his mother and father both successfully navigate their own individual businesses. His hope for a future in the industry is to rise to ongoing challenges and to be respected for past and future achievements. 






Robin Farr and Demi Filannino prepared an unctuous menu
combining Beetroot Cured Yellowtail with Crispy Dune
Spinach and ceviche in its Tiger’s Milk 
- Ashbourne Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay 2016 - 



Duo of Chefs Robin Farr and Demi Filannino 
at NOBU One&Only Cape Town Cook-Off 


Demi Filannino, who has just been offered a third year position at superb La Colombe, has an artistic talent which led her to studying interior architecture. However once she graduated she decided to pursue her passion, which was for cooking. Her attention to detail combined with her innate sense of taste and flavour has made her perfectly suited to a fine dining kitchen. After completing her Silwood course she would like to travel and gain the experience needed to open her own restaurant. 


Robin Farr always knew that he wanted to be a chef as his fascination was with all things culinary. To achieve this he worked overseas to save enough money to study at Silwood. His travels took him to France, Italy, England and Thailand working as a deck hand on the super yachts. He has a natural affinity for fine dining cuisine and has mastered the technical skills with ease as well as having a natural flair with flavour combinations and presentation. He will complete his third year at the Test Kitchen under celebrated Luke Dale-Roberts. This should enable him to work internationally at top restaurants - he will no doubt be aiming at those with a Michelin star or two! 



Patrick Hamilton-Russell with Prudence Nxumalo

Braised Pork Belly and Pork Head Torchons with Gooseberry
Jus, Sago ‘Crackling’ and Parma Pommes Anna 
 - Hamilton Russell Vineyards Pinot Noir 
& - Hamilton Russell Vineyards Chardonnay -


A second year student Prudence Nxumalo is currently doing her National Diploma at the Cape Town Hotel School part of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and has gained experience through working in industry in both the kitchen and front of house. Her six months placement took place at Lion Sands Private Game Reserve in Mpumalanga. She enjoys new challenges and feels that she is gaining in knowledge every step of the way and most important in a kitchen is that Prudence has become a good team player. 



Hamilton Russell Vineyards was founded by the late Tim Hamilton Russell in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley at a time when viticulturally the area was a desert, displaying enormous vision. Since then Hamilton Russell has become an award winning label both nationally and internationally particularly for their superb Burgundy varieties; Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Over time (they have just celebrated their 40th anniversary) many important changes have been introduced including a move to specialised organic farming focusing on sustainability throughout the estate. 


Rhubarb and raspberries with Rio Largo
Financiers and Mascarpone Crème
- Hamilton Russell Vineyards Braemar House Dessert Wine - 





Anthonij Rupert Wyne, marketed under the flagship L’Ormarins in the Franschhoek region, is part of an estate home to a number of delightful experiences from wine tasting in the Terra del Capo Tasting Room followed by an anti-pasta lunch in their comfortable restaurant to a very special premium wine tasting in the Anthonij Rupert Tasting Room. Visit the Franschhoek Motor Museum with its collection of sleek vintage cars. Later, perhaps for a most delightful High Tea, The Manor House, which as been sensitively restored with an excellent collection of art of the period. Follow with the most gorgeous scenic tram ride viewing the estate and the lovely Franschhoek wine valley - a memorable day! 



Samantha Lind, Corina van Noordwyk and Andrias de Nysschen 
with Gidi Caetano at the Anthonij Rupert Wine Cellar
- in deep concentration.


Broccoli and fresh pea salad with broccoli mousse, puffed spelt, avocado and pea purée, Lancewood cultured cream, orni seaweed, lemon and wasabi dressing
 - Cape of Good Hope Altima Sauvignon Blanc 2016 -


Private Hotel School student Carina van Noordwyk has always wanted to be a chef, has never given up on her dream and is currently enrolled for the advanced certificate in hospitality. What Carina would like to do finally is to use her talent and hard earned skills to start her own business. 


Samantha Lind is currently completing her third semester of the two year certificate in Advanced Hospitality Management. Leaving school she was unsure of what to do so decided to have a gap year at the Private Hotel School where she found that she was particularly suited to the management course and during this time did a professional baking course, which was successfully completed - a most valuable skill. 


Andrias de Nysschen is currently completing his third semester for the two year Advanced Certificate in Hospitality Management.

"I hope to one day be involved with Virgin Ltd. Edition properties. Why? Because the ethos and vision fall much in line with the type of person that I am," explains Andrias.



(Above) Chili tamarind glazed pork porterhouse with pig cheek
dumpling, chilli salt squid, pickled pineapple, charred pak choi,
Khoisan salt crust roasted sweet potato and spiced gastrique
- Cape of Good Hope Riebeeksrivier Shiraz 2013 -


(Below) Rio Largo olive oil cake with vanilla and black pepper
mousse, white chocolate crest, strawberries, beetroot crisps,
nasturtiums and Rio Largo and Lancewood yoghurt sherbet 
- Cape of Good Hope Serruria Chardonnay 2014 -







Brenda Wilkinson of Rio Largo Olive Estate with The Hurst Campus team; Amy Laubscher, Lukas Wiese and Andrew Barnard with Principal Rebecca Hurst at NOBU One&Only, Cape Town. 


The Hurst Campus - Lukas Wiese and Andrew Barnard Lukas Wiese did his internship at the Waterkloof Restaurant which opened his eyes to the level of perfection needed to master his culinary studies. One of the fundamental blocks is to exercise the mind and the body. 


"I love the pressure of service time and the industry. I cannot imagine a life outside of the kitchen, however to succeed you need to be patient and determined." 


Second year chef student Andrew Barnard of The Hurst Campus says, "I eat therefore I am! I am incredibly passionate about the culinary arts and aspire to be a knowledgeable pastry chef and artisan breadmaker. Over time I have followed many food heroes from Claudia Roden to Chris Erasmus. I believe that my philosophy will ultimately help to shape my future."



Haddock Parfait with pea gel, red pepper caviar, red
pepper purée, cheese soil and tuile de pain
- Stellar Organics The Rivers End Chenin Blanc 2015 - 


Fennel Crusted Pork tenderloin served with Avanti Coffee Glazed
Beets, Parsnip purée, ash roast pear and prune pork jus 
- The Sensory Collection Grande Reserve Shiraz 2014 -


When Amy Laubscher, a twenty year old Hospitality Management Student, matriculated she left the West Coast to study in the Boland.


"It was a great decision," she says. "I have learned so much about the industry. I love the people and myself as during the course of my studies I feel I have grown as a young professional and have developed a passion for winemaking as well as an interest in brandy making, the culinary arts and excellent service.  Being able to participate in this competition fills my heart with joy and excitement!"



A Mirror Glazed Delice of Lancewood Mascarpone Baked Custard
& White Chocolate Mousse served with Rooibos and
apricot en gelée and salted caramelised nuts 
- Stellar Organics Heaven on Earth Muscat d’ Alexandrie - 


Stellar Winery is to be found at Kys Halte just outside the Namaqualand town of Vredendale in the Western Cape, the only semi-arid biosphere hot spot in the world and renowned for its exquisite spring flowers. Stellar, from small beginnings, is today South Africa’s largest and main producer of fine organic and Fairtrade wines. Essential to this are independent organic grape producers, part of the Stellar winery multi-estate, a Fairtrade enterprise where beneficiaries are workers on both the farm and the winery collectively owning 26% of the enterprise through shares in the Stellar Winery empowerment trust. Namaqualand is a unique and stunning area where you will still find a carpet of stars. 



Part of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology




The Bellingham illustrious estate dates back to the pioneering winemaker Bernard Podlashuk in the 1940’s although the farm itself with a charming name, ‘Belle en Champ’, was founded by the French Huguenots - beautiful fields indeed! Niel Groenewald heads up winemaking producing some of the most stylish and appreciated wines. The students from CPUT visited the Franschhoek Cellar and, together with Niel, had a diverse tasting of their multi-faceted range with particular emphasis on The Bernard Series.


 Winemaker Niel Groenewald with Carl van Niekerk, Roxanne
Coveney-Winter, Phiwokuhle Selomane and Nicholas Fabré


Eggs in a Nest - Parmesan and smoked paprika infused chocolate egg, asparagus tips, snow peas and toasted almonds served with capellini and a white wine vegetable broth 
Bellingham Homestead Series Chardonnay 2015 -


Roxanne Coveney-Winter is completing her second year in Professional Cookery. Before beginning her studies she had successfully completed her course in Patisserie and Master Cake Decorating. To complete her integrated learning she spent six valuable months at La Quartier Français in Franschhoek with Margot Janse - a great learning curve for Roxanne.


During his work integrated learning experience, Nicholas Fabré worked at the Kariba Kitchen at the V&A Waterfront. This was an interesting high production kitchen focusing on quality and turnover. He grew in terms of confidence, ability and most important consistency. Nicholas explains that it is important to be able to perfectly replicate a dish a hundred times over. "Fortunately I enjoy being a team player and have the ability to learn fast!"




Arabica Berry Tenderloin - Succulent pork tenderloin marinated in a spiced blueberry and espresso sauce glazed with sherry and served with a delicate pear and pearl onion purée and honey roasted baby rainbow carrot and enokitake mushrooms
- Bellingham Bernard Series Whole Bunch Marsanne 2014 - 



The Cape Town Hotel School, part of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), is where Carl van Niekerk is completing his second year in Food & Beverage Management. Although film and video technology was his major interest he has decided to rather pursue his life long passion for food and wine. Right now he is set to become a top class sommelier and completing his diploma.  


 Roxanne Coveney-Winter and Nicholas Fabré present a trio of
desserts; The Full English - Espresso bean and orange panna
cotta elder flower gelato, orange and almond olive oil
biscuit and olive oil truffle orange blossom cheesecake,
ruby grapefruit jelly and spiced biscotti
- Bellingham Bernard Series Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2015 - 






 (Above right) Duo of Chefs Janine Gouws and Shanay Roelfse (Below from left to right) Deon Roets of Capsicum, Chef Anso Brink, Cellar Master Martin Moore with the Capsicum team
who were partnered with Wine Steward Jason Frans (CPUT)



Janine Gouws is hugely excited about her future career as a chef. Janine feels she can add value to the food industry and feels fortunate that she has been blessed with the talent to cook and bake. She says, "I’m so grateful for the opportunity in learning how to expand and refine my skills." 


The journey began at the age of four for Shanay Roelfse when she first fell in love with this amazing art. She says, "Growing up observing my mother and godfather create stunning dishes. By the time I was ten I found kindred culinary spirits in the salty chef himself, Craig Cormack and then there was Gordon Ramsey, Nigella Lawson and nearer home, Pete Goff-Wood. I began to understand how simple ingredients could, with a spark of imagination, creativity and the dedication to prepare them as they should be, become a dish to remember. I had the choice of becoming an accountant but on 24th November 2015 I began my professional hospitality journey with Capsicum." 



A starter of Scottish Scallops, pea purée with
Khoisan hand harvested sea salt 

- Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Sauvignon Blanc - 


Confit Pork Belly with smoked sweet potato,
candy beetroot and garlic emulsion
- Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Pinotage 2013 - 



The Cape Town Hotel School part of The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) is where Jason Frans is completing his second year, studying Food & Beverage Management for his National Diploma. Over time he has gained both experience and expertise at the Cape Sun working in the F&B department and doing his in-service training at The Pepper Club. 


Durbanville Hills has come into its own under veteran Cellar Master Martin Moore. A fabulous location Durbanville Hills has the most magical panoramic views of Table Mountain across Table Bay. Interestingly the bulk of their wines are mainly exported however certain of its ranges are available locally. As a visitor to the cellar you will enjoy an excellent wine tasting in its spacious tasting room. Follow with lunch at their bright and sunny restaurant overlooking Durbanville Hills. 



Textures of Berry - Snapdragon and blueberry panna cotta
with strawberry sponge, tuille, pearls and (crème fraîche)
Lancewood Cultured Cream blueberry meringue

-Durbanville Hills Mèthode Cap Classique Blanc de Blanc 2012-







Haute Cabrière is one of the gems in the crown of Franschhoek where charismatic Achim von Arnim first founded Clos Cabrière estate. He was one of the first in South Africa to offer a Méthode Cap Classique style of bubbly. Today, his son, Takuan von Arnim, is now the Cellar Master at the helm of winemaking at both Pierre Jourdan and their still wine cellars. Visitors to the heritage estate can enjoy a comprehensive wine tasting in their perfectly designed tasting rooms. 



Matthew van Duuren’s interest in food began after school during travels to Thailand and Russia. "I began to see food in a different light," he says, "and found that with a strong cultural and emotional attachment food is an utterly engrossing subject. For the future I am exploring the opportunities on working in Asia and the United States as a Chef and eventually would like to start a venture of my own."  


Clair Leathem who is currently studying at the SA Chefs Academy completed an Honours in Geography and Environmental studies. "However," she says, "my passion for cooking has led me back to studying for a diploma in Culinary Arts. I sincerely believe that food is one of the most important factors that bring people together and I have a huge respect for different cultures and would like to travel and learn more about the cuisines of the world. Both the hot and pastry kitchens are completely different, requiring a diverse set of skills. Fortunately I enjoy both! 



Clair Leathem, Lauren Case and Paul Hartmann
of the South African Chefs Academy


Pork Cheek Ravioli, garlic purée, mushroom, leek,
roasted celeriac, smoked pork velouté 
- Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2015 -



Sous Vide Pork Loin, carrot, pear and verjuice purée, broad beans, roasted parsnip, crackling, sage and mustard jus 
- Haute Cabrière Pinot Noir Reserve 2013 -


Chocolate, crème brûlée and hazelnut entremet - crème fraîche parfait burnt orange, honeycomb, chocolate streusel, white chocolate and orange powder
 - Pierre Jourdan Tranquille - 




The Cape Town Hotel School part of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) is where Kelly Julie is completing her second year. She has experience working in the industry in pastry, breakfast and banqueting. During her studies she was placed at Fancourt Golf Estate in George where she found she had the ability to work under pressure. Kelly is enthusiastic and constantly looking forward to new challenges and learn further. 







Executive Chef Pieter Kruger (Crown National) with
Eric Bingo of the Eziko Cooking & Catering Training Centre
Winemaker Guy Webber with Julian Jansen (CPUT)


Eziko Cooking and Training Centre was founded by former Langa High School Teacher, Victor Mguqulwa, who had a vision to explore cooking as a career. Concerned about school leavers roaming the streets of Langa he used a formal training in cooking as a means to address unemployment and poverty. As the demand grew Victor managed to secure funds from the corporate community as well as the Ethiopian Church who allowed its premises to be used for the project. Eventually the centre was formally opened by Nelson Mandela some twenty years ago. Today, Pieter Kruger of Crown National, part of the Bidvest Group, has taken Eziko under his capacious wing and is assisting them going forward - a major step.


1692 was the year when Stellenzicht was founded. An estate with a fabulous location on the slopes of the Helderberg granted to its first owner Barendt Hendrikse by Governor Simon van der Stel (known then as Rustenburg). Finally the estate was renamed Stellenzicht, literally meaning "View of Stellen" (bosch).  Today, winemaker Guy Webber and Stellenzicht are a match indeed made in heaven. Over the years Pinotage has been pivotal to Stellenzicht’s excellent reputation, certainly one of Guy’s most favoured varietals and, the admirable result, the recipient of many awards. Visitors to Stellenzicht Vineyards can enjoy gracious wine tastings and generous hospitality. Guy Webber, over the years, is known for his generous sharing of expertise with up and coming students of wine. 



Duo of Chefs Madini Nolusindiso & Unathi Arosi paired with Julian Jansen of the Cape Town Hotel School part of the Cape Peninsula University of Cape Town (CPUT)


Madini Nolusindiso graduated from Eziko in December 2014 and placed at the Cape Town International Convention Centre for her internship. Madini is willing to take responsibilities and in addition she knows that success comes through the ability to learn and determination. Unathi Arosi was invited to join the competition at a late stage and proved herself admirably working under pressure and getting down to the finer details with Madini producing, what is always a difficult task, a successful soufflé as the start of their three course menu. In addition the duo of chefs had to produce four plates each to be served to the judges!   



Twice baked cheese soufflé
- Stellenzicht Sémillon Reserve 2009 -


A study in Pork - Tongue in a sherry and plum sauce, salted caramel neck roast served with roast potato slices and braised red cabbage, Ravioli of pulled cheek with browned sage butter
- Stellenzicht Rhapsody 2007 - 



Trio of desserts; Citrus Olive Oil Cake, olive oil poached pear,
mascarpone ice cream and chocolate pancakes with coffee sauce 
- Stellenzicht Plum Pudding Hill Syrah - 


Capable Julian Jansen, who partnered with Eziko on the Wine Steward side working with Guy Webber, is completing his Management course and is in his second year. Julian has always been enthusiastic about cooking at the same time he has always had a penchant for acting but practically his ambition is to become involved in hoteliering in the future.  


Special thanks to Jerome Peters (Executive Sous Chef One&Only Cape Town) for orchestrating this very special day, the Cook-Off at NOBU, One&Only Cape Town.  Many thanks to Banks R&L Hiring for stepping in and providing additional ovens which proved to be most valuable. From the perfect cappuccinos by AVANTI Coffee to delectable Lancewood cheese and AL&CD Ashleigh who kindly provides thoughtful prizes for our team of judges each year, for this we are most grateful. See more on wine.co.za. 


The Cape Town Hotel School Part of the Cape Peninsula
University of  Technology
& Bellingham Wines
Capsicum Culinary Studio & Durbanville Hills 
Eziko Cooking & Training Centre & Stellenzicht 
The Hurst Campus & Stellar Organics 
International Hotel School & Linton Park
The Private Hotel School & Anthonij Rupert Wyne
Silwood School of Cookery & Hamilton Russell Vineyards 
South African Chefs Academy & Haute Cabrière



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