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Cape Legends & Artisan Spirits Inter Hotel Challenge, a fabulous celebration of winners at the stunning awards ceremony! It was all glitter and glamour at the Cape Legends & Artisan Spirits Inter Hotel Challenge. The ‘Hotel Oscars’ took place at the Cape’s historic icon, Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel on Friday 29th July.



The fourth annual Cape Legends Inter Hotel Challenge, sponsored by Cape Legends fine wines and choice Distell artisan spirits, now known as the Cape Legends & Artisan Spirits Inter Hotel Challenge, culminated in a huge and scintillating celebration at the Belmond Mount Nelson. The dinner was hosted by Rudi Liebenberg where his brigade prepared the fine dinner introducing choice dishes from the candidates’ menus. Each table was stunningly beautiful in ‘Platinum & Pearls’, creatively designed by individual hotels. Our theme highlighted the rich resources that we are fortunate to have, both natural and particularly in the people of South Africa.




A national initiative with 23 hotels from the Cape to Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal on board, all part of a remarkable family of top hotels known for style and gracious expertise, a unique occasion viewed as the ‘Hotel Oscars’. The vital aim of the Cape Legends & Artisan Spirits Inter Hotel Challenge is to encourage development in the hospitality industry that continues to raise the bar and promote the hospitality industry as a fulfilling lifetime career! 




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The stunning Gauteng launch took place at Tsogo Sun’s romantic Palazzo Montecasino on Tuesday 10th March. The Crème de la Crème Executive Chefs Dinner, set in the Rosa Room, was an intimate candlelit evening for 50 - a tour de force in damask, roses and silver candelabra. The dinner was prepared by four top Executive Chefs; Gerard Vingerling from The Palazzo, Stuart Cason of the Radisson Blu Gautrain, Phil de Villiers 54 on Bath and Jacques Etsebeth, Protea Hotel Balalaika Sandton. 




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